Schehezerade (supergirl_04) wrote in hirsutumopinion,


No doubt about it. This was a cataclysmic event with far reaching consequences.

Some questions:

1 - Was this truly an act of "god" or "nature" to control an ever-growing population problem?

2 - Was the earthquake and consequential tsunami merely a reaction to something(s) that we - the human race - have done to the earth over the thousands of years we've inhabited it?

3 - Is it fair for other countries to consider the US "stingy" with our aid and support (as a government, not specifically on an private individual basis)?

4 - Can the US justify sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Asia when we have so many people in need, here in our own country?

5 - Can the US justify continuing to send millions into Iraq when there's a nation in distress due to a catastrophe that is no fault of their own?

okay - discuss.
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